So it seems we have a new addition to the family – Pudge the paralyzed Puggle. About six months ago, Pudge suffered a spontaneous slipped disc which pinched a nerve, causing paralysis in her hind legs. The prognosis at the time was not good – even with surgery (which would have cost a prohibitive $5,000+), her chances of full recovery were 50-50 at best. So we dealt with the problem as best we could given our economic situation.

Fast forward six months, and it looks like Pudge is coming to live with us. We no longer have carpet in our house courtesy of our former beloved Baboo the Blind Pug (he was rather incontinent in his last two years, which resulted in removal of any absorbent materials from the floor! Lol). We have Barnie the Frenchie, who gets along very well with Pudge. I actually think he is trying to give her some form of canine physio of his own. And with some focused attention and exercise, I think Pudge has started making some progress. Just check out today’s vlog!

It was as I was walking Pudge barefoot in my underwear at 6:30 A.M. that I truly realized life is a “make work” project. We need work. We need drama. Healthy, constructive, character-building drama. You want proof? Puzzles. The human spirit is so much in search of constructive, character-building drama that we will literally take a perfectly good image, break it into hundreds of pieces, just so that we can waste time reassembling it. But I digress…

Fortuitously enough, after a morning of exposure to feces and urine – both animal and human – I got the great news that my YouTube channel had been accepted as a finalist in the Shorty’s Social Good Awards for YouTube presence. I know all is vanity, and I do feel a little silly getting this excited about it. But it’s fun. It feels good to leave a mark. And it’s encouraging to feel like I am getting somewhere in this “make work” project I have made for myself.

Peace out!