It has been a while since my last post. Something about life with 3 kids under 8, a puppy, daily vlogs, and a total career change after 10 years of commercial litigation that chews up the limited hours one has in a day. People often say that they “don’t have time” for something. That expression has always irked me in its inaccuracy. It’s not that we actually “don’t have time”. It’s just that we prioritize the time we have on the things we need/want to get done. I have been prioritizing the vlogs over the blog, but I have to get back to consistent blogging – even if it means slightly less sleep.

I recently had lunch with my dad, and he asked me what I was doing now. It was a totally non-judgmental question. When you’re a lawyer, you get up, you go to the office, and you ‘lawyer’. It’s a self-explanatory term. It defines not only what you do in a day, but what you are in life.

My dad is not the only person who has been asking me what I do. It’s been happening on a daily basis now (for some bizarre reason with increasing frequency when I’m walking around talking to a GoPro on a stick ;). After 10 years in law, it’s hard to lose the reflex of saying “I’m a lawyer”. I’m still a “lawyer”. And I still do some “lawyering”. But it’s no longer what I am doing as a profession. It would be an inaccurate answer to say “I’m a lawyer”. I’m not living that life any more.

It’s not only hard to lose the reflex. In a way, it’s hard to not be able to say “I’m a lawyer”. It’s a pure ego thing, and I am fully aware of it. When you say you’re a lawyer, it comes with a certain (albeit socially-constructed) sense of importance (here’s a taste of a day in the life of a lawyer). So when people ask me what I am doing, there is a part of my ego that is embarrassed to no longer be able to give that one word answer of “LAWYER”. Will people think of it as a professional demotion? Will people think less of me for the life decision I have made? Am I a less important member of society? It’s a pure ego thing. And ultimately, ego is only important when spelling Lego. Think about it…

But the reality of what I am now doing has been in the making for a few years. And not only am I better off embracing it, I am happier having embraced it. So here it goes.

I am… a YouTuber.

I am a viral videographer.

I am a content creator.

Now giving this answer usually leads to a slew of other questions. But I love answering those questions. I love talking about viral videos. Vlogs. Content creation. Life begins when you love talking about what you do for a living. And I have my theory about viral YouTubing, viral videography, and content creation. Time will tell if it translates into a successful career.

We no longer live in an era when people are held hostage by ads. Super Bowl aside, people don’t watch ads anymore. They skip them. People don’t like product placement anymore. They scoff at it. Certain platforms can make it as hard as they want to skip ads, but people are going to find a way to skip them. It’s the new reality, and companies had better learn to adapt. People simply don’t want to, or have to watch ads. They “don’t have time for it”.

People don’t watch ads. They watch content. They watch stories. They want to be engaged. They want to be connected.

And that is where my passion for YouTube videography has opened the door to my new career. But this blog is already getting too long, and I have to pace myself. I can’t go from a 6 week hiatus to a monster blog spilling all the goods 😉 So stay tuned.

And check out this vlog of the Artonik “Color of Time” dance show at Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.