We have been saying that Baboo has been on his last legs for over a year now. He’s totally blind. He’s gotten quite fat. He probably has arthritis. And based on some irrational behavior (for a dog, that is), I suspect he’s gone totally senile. Oh yeah, and he’s either incontinent, or he just doesn’t care anymore. Not sure which… But let me tell you, nothing wakes you up faster than stepping barefoot into a disgusting pile of dog poo.

He’s on his last legs and deteriorating quickly, and we’re not sure how much time he has left. But he still manages to get some pleasure out of this world. A good belly scratchRaiding the compost with shameless abandon…. A sleep so deep and satisfying that REM actually electrifies the tip of this tongue! That’s right. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that this is the first documented case of RTM – Rapid Tongue Movement. Just look at it! It’s totally mesmerizing. I can only imagine the butts he is sniffing in his dreams! Lol.