So here it is. The grand launch of the Viva Frei blog. Some of you may be asking how I got here… Some of you may be asking how you got here! But if you are here, you’ll enjoy it. It’s a good place to be.

This all started a little over two years ago after I bought my first GoPro. I had gotten into obstacle course racing, and for giggles, I started racing in a suit and tie. I’m a lawyer by trade, so the uniform felt natural. And the racers and spectators really seemed to appreciate the gag. Eventually, I also began lip-syncing pop songs while racing and making music videos, and so was born my first ‘viral video’ called Wrecking Spartan (give it a watch… It’s classic!).

Fast forward six months (and a half-dozen races and music videos like this one): It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, my wife is out of town, and the kids are with friends. While meandering through the park, I have the brilliant idea of taping a piece of bread to my GoPro. And internet history was made.

My YouTube channel quickly went from a random post here and there, to a wholly satisfying pastime, to a meaningful distraction from the drudgery of the practice of commercial litigation.

The practice of law itself is constant stress. Lawyers live under the ruthless scrutiny of judges. They live under the constant pressure of an adversary who is always trying to dupe them, outsmart them, and/or exploit their every error, regardless of how minute or insignificant. And lawyers live with the reality of clients who are themselves unbearably stressed, caught in a system that is dysfunctional (if not broken entirely), and fundamentally unhappy in both defeat or victory. Because even victory costs a small fortune.

So I started making videos as a distraction. Random videos. Every other weekend at first. Then every weekend. Then on weekdays. Then, pretty much every day. I had finally found a joyous, cathartic, and productive outlet for my hyperactive thoughts and abundant energy. Or, what some might call undiagnosed ADD/ADHD! In the last couple of years, I’ve done some internet firsts… Pulling a tooth with a drone. Pulling a tooth with a live squirrel. Grilling a steak with a drone. And, my personal favourite, catching a massive smallmouth bass with a drone! Did I mention I also love drones?

But I have vowed to only make entertaining, good-natured stuff. The internet is already so full of violence, exploitation, ugliness – videos that go viral for all the wrong reasons… I will not contribute to that swamp of human exploitation. I will only contribute to the global pool of happiness.

My contribution to humanity will be net-positive. This blog will follow my YouTube channel, and it will also compliment it. My promise is that you will not feel bad after watching a video or reading a post. You will see the world differently. You will not only stop and smell the flowers, you will look behind to see if a bumblebee is taking shelter from the rain. You will want to live, love, and above all else, stay crazy!

And as a teaser for what’s to come: The story behind this massive pumpkin below is coming in the next post! 🙂